The Alternatives Macro Intelligence Report is an in-house written publication, issued quarterly, studying alternative asset classes and the wider financial landscape.

By placing alternatives in the wider macroeconomic context and analysing the trends emerging within each asset class, our goal is to help our readers to make more informed, better decisions and construct portfolios more attuned to their needs (and where appropriate, their liabilities).

The report is broken down into the following three sections:

  1. Overview of current macro-economic and investment trends

  2. In-Depth Sector Profile on an alternative asset class

  3. Sector updates on other alternative asset classes


IPE Quarterly Column

Further to the Alternatives Macro Intelligence report we are writing a quarterly piece for the IPE magazine. The column is called Macro Matters.

This quarterly column assesses a reduced selection of key buckets of macro risk relevant for pension funds and insurance companies at a high level; and with a view to their evolution over the next 12 months.  We also delve into more detail on particular dynamics that bear further thought. These often cross multiple buckets reflecting the interconnectedness of our world today. Importantly, this is not an isolated point in time exercise but rather a regular updating to aid assessment and inform action.

Please Click here to see our most recent column –Macro Matters – Sept 2016