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The UK along with many other countries have passed legislation to become net-zero carbon by 2050, because of global social decisions which have impacted the environments we live in today. It has become a pivotal matter that every decision based on day-to-day functions ranging from work or days at home is based on keeping our planet functioning as well as we can in order to survive. Within the local authorities' market, roughly 75% of District, County, Unitary & Metropolitan Councils have declared a Climate Emergency while issues of diversity, housing inequality, and the COVID-19 pandemic have taken centre stage. This makes it crucial for clients to understand which investments are Environmental Social Governance (ESG) friendly, for their investment to play a part in achieving net-zero carbon by 2050 and improving broader social practices.

This can be done by evidencing ESG competence from top down (e.g. policies and messaging) through to bottom up (e.g. reporting, integration into the balance sheet and processes, escalating material ESG issues etc.). Camdor Global Advisors suite of ESG services is specially designed to achieve this.  

ESG Services

All services are designed to report on clients’ existing investments from an ESG perspective and aid screening of future investments.

ESG Frameworks & Policy ESG Frameworks & Policy

ESG Frameworks & Policy

Mapping out requirements, goals and risk appetite to develop a customized approach, asset strategy and a coherent and focused ESG policy

ESG Ratings ESG Ratings

ESG Ratings

Blended and adjusted ratingsat the individual investment andportfolio level(analogous to credit ratings)

Due Diligence Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Analysis and deep dive understanding of investments, counterparties and funds to identify their ESG profile and map out risks. Examples include renewablebonds, affordableand social housing, green infrastructure, SME loansandpooled funds

Tracking, Alerting & Monitoring Tracking, Alerting & Monitoring

Tracking, Alerting & Monitoring

A bespokeservicefor tracking, monitoring and reporting ESG exposures

Reporting & ScenarioAnalysis Reporting & ScenarioAnalysis

Reporting & ScenarioAnalysis

Portfolio specific scenario analysis to identify and map out actual risks and aid investment analysis

ESG Research & Investment ESG Research & Investment

ESG Research & Investment

Macro and economic analysis, ESG metricsand criteria, climatechange, and identifying futureinvestments to improveportfolio quality whilst respecting other constraints, e.g.income